Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Come in, let me take your coat, you're going to be here a while.
You have baggage? No worries, let me help you unpack.
Ah, you're ashamed of what you're carrying around.
That's okay, we all have some of that.
Let's unpack it now and get it out of the way.
No, no, you don't get to hide. I won't allow that.
You won't have any secrets from me.
Shh, shh, shh, it's alright. I'm here.
I'll hold you close. I'll protect you.
You have monsters? That's okay. You'll meet mine too.
Oh, that doesn't scare you?
Well, we'll see how that goes.
Now, lets get to that baggage.
I'm not letting you go, you know.
Trust that.
I can't promise that there won't be pain.
We're living after all.
But I will never intentionally harm you.
Oh, you trust that already.
Good lets get to that baggage.
I'll hold you tight while you unpack.

Writing © Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Image © Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014

Sacred and Profane: The Whore In Context

I have worked hard in my life to take back the meanings of various words that were used in derogatory or demeaning ways; like slut, cunt, and bitch. I embrace these words now and when someone chooses to use them in a derogatory or demeaning fashion toward me, they tend to get rather flustered and the wind removed from their sails, when I look at them with a big grin and say, "Thank you."

Here is the article in full. It's well worth the read. Following are excerpts that touched me specifically, and also the etymology of the words Sacred and Whore.

Sacred and Profane: The Whore in Context, by Eric Francis


...She is any woman who can surrender enough of her personal identity into an erotic experience that the Goddess may be experienced directly through her. In a society where God is purported to be a man, this is the issue.

You may recognize the sacred whore as the lover who does not put a bargaining value on her sexual favors. You may notice that she is unusually responsive to your specific needs for pleasure or comfort.

...In summary, she is a woman who truly feels good about sexual pleasure, who understands and accepts that it is necessary, and who is not bound by the conventional rules of society. She is a woman who decides for herself when it comes to her own sexuality. Many, many women aspire to this, often secretly.

...The word sacred, from the same root as sacrifice, means worthy of religious veneration, as opposed to profane, which means cast outside the temple. Interesting that the word venerate has as its root Venus, who is the goddess of love and the patron of courtesans. What is sacred and profane thus have a lot to do with who decides where the temple is, and who determines what's allowed in its doors.

...We might also consider the word whore. American Heritage features a prominent sidebar in its third edition dictionary, which says that the Indo-European root ka, to like or desire, is the source. "From the stem karo derived from this root came the prehistoric Common Germanic word horaz with the underlying meaning 'one who desires' and the effective meaning adulterer. From this word came the Old English word hore, the ancestor of Modern English whore. The same stem produced the Latin carus, 'dear', from which came Modern English caress, cherish and charity, the highest form of love." So remember that when you hear any of these words: they are all part of the same word group as whore.

"Contact with East Indian culture has added yet another pair of derivatives from this Indo-Eropean root to the English language," the editors continue. "From the stem kamo came the Sanskrit word kamah, 'love, desire', from which are derived the English borrowings Kama, 'the Hindu god of Love,' and Kamasutra, 'a Sanskrit treatise on the rules of love and marriage according to Hindu law'."...

So there you have it. I hope that you read the article. It is truly fascinating.

Decadent Darkness

Juicy sweet decadent darkness
Luscious tasty pleasurable pain
The ambrosia of delight
Is getting lost in your touch

Smooth like delectable chocolate
The softness of you in my mouth
Pleasing you, pleasuring you
Falling into the abyss of your commands

Hunger like a ravening animal
Passions stirred beyond reason
Taking it, accepting it
Embracing the sweetness of pain

Hands molding the responses
Of this body in submission
Teeth rending the screams from my throat
Lost in the beauty of your touch

Flying ever skyward
Heaven surrounding us
The stars enfolding us
Soaring without wings

Lost in the dance
Your dominance, my submission
Floating in decadence
Surrender to a higher calling

We answer the call without fear
We heed the call with open trust
We travel where it takes us
Or be forever lost.

Image and poem:
© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Timing of the Universe

The timing of the Universe... perfect.

Awakened cravings never known
To submit beyond mere submission
To serve in all ways
To crawl to the One deserving
To please Him beyond measure
To learn His desires
To kneel before Him as offering
To blend into the ways of His pack

i sense the Wolf
Circling, pacing, tracking me
i feel the Wolf
Caring, nurturing, playing with me
i crave the Wolf
Biting, pawing, claiming me

The distance may be difficult
We agreed
Today is such a day
Deep breath, calm, centered
Enter the place of service
Allowing yearnings their place
Experience the time and space
Be here and now and know
That more will come

i sense the Wolf
Circling, pacing, tracking me
i feel the Wolf
Caring, nurturing, playing with me
i crave the Wolf
Biting, pawing, claiming me

Lying in the shadows of my mind
Is hope sublime
A sense of wonder at what might be
Anticipation of things unknown
Watching, waiting, patience blooms
Rare flower of sweet perfume
Longing for His hand
Yearning for His voice
Craving His command

i sense the Wolf
Circling, pacing, tracking me
i feel the Wolf
Caring, nurturing, playing with me
i crave the Wolf
Biting, pawing, claiming me

Sister welcomes generously
Feeding something deep inside of me
Shared moments without jealousy
Glorious moments knowing
He is happy and pleased
Serving Him, pleasing Him
Is a calling that cannot be ignored
A calling that i must heed
Transcending time and place
The distance or the space

i sense the Wolf
Circling, pacing, tracking me
i feel the Wolf
Caring, nurturing, playing with me
i crave the Wolf
Biting, pawing, claiming me

Whatever is will be
Breathing in rhythm
Of hearth, and home, and family
Serve my Wolf
Serve my Lord
Surrender to the need inside of me
Belong with sister
Precious moments all sublime
Pack means everything

i sense the Wolf
Circling, pacing, tracking me
i feel the Wolf
Caring, nurturing, playing with me
i crave the Wolf
Biting, pawing, claiming me

The timing of the Universe... perfect.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Image ~ internet, source unknown

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Raw visceral cravings
rolling through my mind
feeding my need to submit
Your words get inside my head
my will is begging to kneel
before You
in sublimation
needing, wanting, craving
to please, to serve,
to give all, everything

Sweet bliss of submission
Your hands
Your pleasure
Your orders
Your care
sweet rapture of obeying
consume my every thought
my very being
my soul crying out with need

Tears of longing
consume my essence
words of praise
waken my senses
struggle with self
for distance and circumstance
it is what it is
walk away
stay and see what might be

Cravings fill my soul
You have awakened the slave
within me once again
it hurts, it consumes
share or hold it inside
what would a good slave girl do
cravings should be shared
fear wants to hold them back
fear is a liar

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Internet image, source unknown

Friday, February 8, 2013

My Wolf

I met you in a dream.

Coming to me across a narrow wooded path, you and your brother. I knew that you were for me and I was to choose between you. I saw your brother but my eyes never left yours. You are the deepest grey and brindle of the large timber wolf with a beautiful ruff of silver. Your eyes the penetrating yellow of the wild beast you are. Your gaze never left mine as you stood there and I sank to my knees before you. We stayed like that for what seemed an eternity, drowning in each others eyes. Slowly my hands reached up and buried themselves in the thick ruff of your neck fur, and you closed your eyes. I leaned forward and added the weight of my face to the ruff where my hands were buried, breathing deep the scent of you.

We became one in that moment and I heard your voice in my head, "Ukiah, Little Bird," and I knew this was your name and you recognized and accorded reverence to my eagle totem. You entered my soul that day, always to reside with me, standing beside my Eagle, the predators that make me strong and willful, intelligent and free...but willing to submit to the the Other, the One who is strong enough to Dominate us.

That has been few and far between, that dominance. We are strong. When we find it, when the chemistry is right, we kneel, we pant, we growl, we yearn to please, yet protect.

You came to me when I started to explore this deeper, darker aspect of myself, when I started to explore how pleasurable pain could be, to discover the erotic connections of submission. When I find that Other and kneel before Him, you come to the surface. If He connects with the animal essence that is within me, you growl with pleasure. You groan and strain with the need to be taken, the need to be dominated; the bite on the neck holding me still and in place. You fight so briefly to see if He, the Other, is worthy of our strength and when He is, we melt and you give me the strength needed to go deep, to please Him and in this way you help my Eagle to fly free in the moment of ultimate release; to soar above the earth and take Him with me to experience that ultimate goal of becoming one with Deity, to sing with angels, to howl with the joy of coming home.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Image ~ Source unknown

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hunger Like No Other

There is a hunger like no other
A gaping maw like a baby bird
Feed me, feed me
Touch my body with the cane
Fill my yearning for the whip
Set me free with the sharp staccato
Sound of your hand upon my flesh

There is a hunger like no other
A black hole that will suck you in
Feed me, feed me
Read my body like a bible
It will tell you what I need
Crawl inside my mind
Take control of the driving desire

There is a hunger like no other
A need to please the hands of torment
Feed me, feed me
Hear the screams of my desire
Listen to the yearning in my laughter
Let me feed your hungry beast
Release your inner fire

There is a hunger like no other
A need to soar through time and space
Feed me, feed me
Connect with the beating of my heart
Breathe with me through the pain
Guide me on the journey
I will give you sweet release

There is a hunger like no other
A raging fire that consumes
Feed me, feed me
Take me to the edge
Fill me with the pain
Set my spirit free
And I will take you with me

There is a hunger like no other
A tsunami that overwhelms
Feed me, feed me
Floating on the ocean
The sweet debris of this emotion
Gently floating back to earth
A smile shared, hands clasped in sweet oblivion.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Image ~ Source unknown

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Beast Within

Darkness all around me
Darkness consumes me
Feeding the beast within

Melting, yearning, striving for release
Stretching, straining, cravings never cease

Take my breath away
Take my soul away
Feed the beast within

Longing, reaching, hiding from myself
Biting, scratching, clawing at the shelf

Darkness envelops fantasy
Darkness hastens time
Feeding the hunger deep inside

Answers, questions, never cease
Lovers, partners, always please

Hands claiming me
Hands chaining me
Taking what they want

Desire, drive, spreading wide
Asphyxiate, open, quench the tide

Darkness all around me
Darkness consumes me
Feeding the beast within

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Image © Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013