Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Opening of the Gate

Babalon is a whore of the senses. Her gate is the sacred yoni and like the crashing waves of the frothy foam of its depths, her pleasures are deep. We shall see what she calls forth in me. We shall see where these musings and travels take us as we start the new year.

I hope to use this space to keep track of my journey with Babalon; the Great Whore. I am a writer, a lover, a Priestess, a submissive, and a sacred whore. I experience life and all that it holds and I intend to share those experiences through my writings and my art. My writings will involve my loves, my passions, my happiness, my disappointments...all that this Goddess brings into and through my life. There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be poetry, fiction, erotica, pain, pleasure and much more to confound the senses. I will share some of my favorite books, sayings, music, and authors.

Through my words and experiences, I most especially hope to share the healing that comes from knowing the Great Whore.

©Dawn C. Davis 2011