Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mount Rainier

I grew up in the shadow of your majesty 
I was in awe of your splendor 
I have been humbled by your power 

I rejoiced in the folds of your meadows 
I shivered in the embrace of your glaciers 
I laughed at the joy of your vision 

I have beheld you in all hours of the day and night 
I have seen you in dark silhouette against a pink sky 
I have seen you glorious in the bright light of the sun 
I have seen you hiding in the wonders of the clouds and 
I have watched the moon rise above your glory 

You are ancient and quiet 
You are wise and peaceful 
You have power and the depth of unending eruptions within you 

You compel the wish to conquer by your very existence 
You evoke dreams of longing and passion in your shadows 
You came into existence millennia ago and support beautiful life all around you 

You are grace and beauty beyond compare 
There may be others bigger, brighter, more difficult to scale 
But you are the inspiration I grew up with and 
You will always be what I look for on the horizon. 

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012
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The Key

There is a key to my hidden door.
The door that hides the secrets of my body.
The door that hides the secrets of my mind.

There is a key that unlocks my yearning.
The yearning that leads me into darkness.
The yearning that leads me into bliss.

There is a key to releasing my desires.
The desires that feed my soul with passion.
The desires that feed my hunger for pain.

There is a key to finding my heart
The heart that burns with a secret flame
The heart that yearns to soar at your touch.

There is a key to the heart of my darkness.
The darkness that leads to the light of compassion.
The darkness that releases all taboos, heals all wounds, and creates boundless joy.

There is a key… 

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Call of Darkness

Sensations take me further and further into the inky blackness
Soaring, floating, lost in the darkness of space
A quiet voice, the touch of a hand, tether me
Keep me in place.

The overwhelming expansion of my consciousness through pain
Out of control, confusion abounds, erratic thoughts
A simple command, breathing in unison
Calms my spirit.

The ecstatic travels taking me ever deeper through the layers of myself
Finding my core, finding you there inside of me
A luscious release, giving you all that I am
All that I have.

Now we are separate, traveling our own paths in the darkness
I am still me. Yearning for the darkness that is part of me
The touch of the whip, the cane, the knife, and the claws
Calling to me.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012
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