Monday, May 28, 2012

Hungry Whore

I cannot believe how incredibly horny I am for you right now. I want to touch you all over; slowly, sensuously...and have you tied to a table while I direct others to touch you in ways that you love. To have you be the focus of attention of so many hands, so many mouths, so many sensations. Blind folded and unable to see who is touching you and where. To have feather light caresses glide over your skin, to feel the touch of teeth biting into your neck, your groin and inner thigh. To have fingers relentlessly pulling on your balls while a sly finger slips into your ass and a mouth sucks on your perineum. To have someone twist and pull on your nipples while all of this is happening and a hot wet pussy is poised over your mouth. To overwhelm your senses...this is my fulfill yours.

What are your desires? What do you yearn for?

There are so many things that I have yet to experience and I want to experience them with you. I want you to be the one to introduce me to them. I may be a "heavy" bottom and spent time as a "slave" but there are still so many things. I don't even know what they all are yet.

I want to feel your hot piss on me, pouring over my body as I moan and writhe in pleasure and the need for more from you.

I want to be covered in shades of beautiful hot wax and have you shave it from my body. 

I want to watch you go down on someone while I fuck you in the ass. I want to be fucked by you and another man at the same time. There is just so much. So many yearnings.

Women are hungry. I am woman, I am sacred whore, and I am hungry for you.

I want to sit and hold your hand while we talk about philosophy, spirituality, energy, love, death, sex, and all of those wonderful things we tend to talk about.

I want to read to you late into the night and hold you while you fall asleep.

I want to fuck you. I want to be fucked by you.

Women are hungry.

I want to trim your eyebrows and pluck the stray wild hairs. I want to shave you clean so that I can suck your balls deep into my mouth until you growl and writhe with your need for more.

I want to massage you, touching every square inch of your beautiful skin...and to me you are truly beautiful. I see the light in you. I see the dark in you and I crave the many places we can go to together.

I want to spend time drawing on each other, writing words of power and focus.

Women are hungry...

I am ever hungry and insatiable when it comes to partner, my Sir, my sweet sadistic wanton man-whore.

Women are hungry, and I am hungry for YOU.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Preparing for the Darkness

Preparing for the darkness
Preparing for the deep
My mind his for playing
My body his for claiming

Cleansing myself inside and out
Cleansing for the use
My body his for pleasurable abuse
My spirit his for flight
My will his for the night

Yearning for the darkness
Yearning for the deep
My mind craves the touch
My body craves the heat

Bringing in the sacred whore
Bringing in the goddess
Giving him what he craves
Giving him my control
Giving him my body and my soul

Preparing for the darkness
Preparing for the deep
My mind flies free upon the wings of pain
My body soars with the rush of his touch

Longing for the connection that only pain can bring
Longing for the pain that sets me free
My spirit soars through the wilderness
My heart flutters at the sound of his voice
My mind revels in the blackness

Preparing for the darkness
Preparing for the deep
My mind taken to the other side
My body taken to the street

Take me ever deeper
Take me through the night
Don’t let up with tears
Don’t let up with fears
Don’t let up with screams

Claim my body as your sacred temple
Claim my mind where you’re free to roam
Claim my spirit as your chariot
Claim my heart as hearth and home

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

His Whore

I him on hands and knees, like a golden tiger with muscles rippling under skin; animal calling to animal, the primal energy rising up in us as I get closer to him.

I kneel...before him giving myself to him body, mind, spirit, and will so that he can guide us through the darkest places of our desires; set our passions free to soar in the depth of pain.

I wait…i am the submissive whore who awaits her Sir’s desires and his pleasures; the suspense of our indulgences building and growing on the edge of the knife of our lust.

I attend…his needs, his desires; his enjoyment are my purpose when we come together; ministering to his body, caring for him physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I growl…when he bites me, claiming my flesh as his own, marking me with his teeth on my neck as he takes what is freely given; his animal calling to mine in a moment of challenge.

I purr…with pleasure at the pain that is wrought on my flesh as he molds me to his will, to his passion; awakening my spirit and soul ‘til we breathe as one in the dark space.

I sing…when the painful torment reaches the perfect pinnacle of lust, joy, sex, claiming; the endorphins flying and I am lost in the dark with only his touch to guide me.

I laugh…when the pain becomes like the barest caress of a tickle waiting to happen and the joy bubbles up my throat and escapes my lips in the purest moment of happiness.

I scream…when the wanton whore is knocking on the door humping the toys of painful torment, wanting more, needing more in the inky blackness where i am lost without him.

I release…my very essence to his touch as he whispers in my ear, “Come for me my whore. Give it to me, all of it,” and I cannot hold back an ounce of the beautiful water he craves.

I yield…to him because he speaks to my soul like no other ever has, he sets something inside of me free—to be, to soar, to expand and grow; allowing me to be who I am meant to be.

I share…with him the depth of my spirit and my goddess because he understands, and my goddess desires him, has work for him to perform in the beautiful dark places of our journey together.

I ache…there is a yearning deep inside of me that craves his touch and the sound of his raspy voice in my ear leading me on through the inky darkness of our world of taboo.

I am…His whore.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Party Favor

i arrive at the appointed time. i’m unfamiliar with the place You have requested i meet You at. i’m nervous. You've never asked that i meet You somewhere before, prepared as i would be for a high protocol session. As instructed, i stand before the door and arrange my long coat so that my naked body is exposed to only the door in front of me and not the neighbors though the surrounding area is rather dark and industrial looking. There is a bare utilitarian light hanging over the door illuminating the area, casting my shadow behind me. i shiver but not with cold as it is a warm evening. Anticipation courses through my body along with nervousness and trepidation.

You have instructed me that this will be very high protocol and to expect the unexpected. i knock on the door and wait; my eyes cast down, my hands down at my sides but facing forward as though presenting an offering, for that is exactly what i am for You.

The door slowly opens and i can see black boots before me. There is quiet for a moment and then i hear Your beloved voice, “Look at you My whore; standing there naked like a willing sacrifice. What have you brought me?”

My throat is dry with my fear. i cough then state clearly, “Sir, i bring You my body, my mind, my spirit and will; for Your use, Your pleasure, however You desire.”

“Whose whore are you?”

“i am Your whore Sir. i am Sir's whore.”

“And I may use you however I desire.”

“Yes Sir. Please Sir.”

You chuckle at my begging. “Come in my whore.”

Your step aside and let me into the building. The room is dark, barely illuminated but You stop me inside closing the door and remove my coat, giving my eyes a chance to adjust to the darkness. Then You circle me, inspecting me, touching my hair, my back, my ass, my breast, Your hand touches my shaved pussy and then slides down my naked thigh. You order me to remove my heels.

“Look at Me My whore.”

i slowly raise my head and meet Your eyes. There is a small smile on Your lips and Your eyes show happiness with what i have brought You. Your hand reaches up, tangling in my hair, forcing my head back as Your mouth descends on mine. Brutally You possess my mouth, our tongues battling for supremacy, our animal passions rising to the surface spontaneously. i melt into You, a moan escaping my lips and just as suddenly as the kiss started, it ends. You hold onto my hair only long enough to make sure i do not lose my balance.

You step back, reaching over to grab something off a shelf. “Kneel.”

i quickly comply and You place a hood over my head, effectively covering my eyes and ears, muffling but not eliminating sound, leaving my mouth and nose open so that i have no problems breathing. i feel enclosed, safe as the hood is tightened in place. You order me to present my left hand and You place a cuff tightly around it then repeat with the right. i shift a little on the concrete floor, and You ask me if my knees are alright. i nod, licking my lips, afraid to speak because my voice will quiver.

i feel You lean over me, Your mouth kisses my exposed cheek then i hear Your voice in my ear. “There will be only one safe word tonight my whore. That word that will stop everything. If you speak it, I will take you home and take care of you. Do you understand?”

Again, i nod. i do not trust my voice at all anymore. i’m scared, i’m exhilarated, i trust You completely.

“Good girl.”

i smile at the pleasure i hear in Your voice then suddenly gasp as Your nails rake across my breasts, down my stomach and back up again. When they reach my breasts once more Your fingers pinch my nipples without mercy. The pain is sharp, intense, exquisite as You lift my breasts, lifting me with them. i start panting trying to enter into the pain and just as suddenly You release me. i sense You moving around behind me then hear the snick of Your knife blade releasing and being opened. i shiver with anticipation and hold myself very still as the knife slowly, carefully draws a circle around the base of my neck. my breaths are now coming slow and steady with the wonderful sensation of Your knife on my skin. i am quickly entering that beautiful space where there is no beginning, no middle, no end, just sensation, pleasurable pain, sensual torment, and beautiful release.

i feel the blade moving down my spine in a serpentine fashion and i feel my energy rise to meet it and cannot stop the laughter that escapes my lips from the sheer joy of the sensation. You move the blade around my ass cheek and up the front of my thigh, touching my pussy, my clit, i gasp at the sensation and my essence escapes my secret folds. i hear Your voice in my ear once again, “I can smell your excitement My whore. Are you wet for Me?”

“Yes Sir. i am very wet for You.”

“I will have to check for Myself soon.”

The knife continues up the front of my body, making swirling patterns on my flesh, causing me to stop laughing and gasp when it reaches the sensitive underside of my breast then up to press ever so slightly against my nipple. i arch into the sensation, releasing my breath with a deep moan.

Suddenly Your other hand circles my throat, holding me still and pressing on the points that cut off the necessary supply of oxygen to my brain, but only for a moment. i lean into You, trusting You, knowing You will take us both to wonderful places. A blade on my nipple, a hand on my throat; i want to swoon with the sheer wonderful feeling of giving You everything giving up this power to You.

You apply just a little more pressure to my throat, i’m having a hard time breathing but am not afraid, then the pressure lifts and Your hand rises and cups my face, my chin, tilting my head back You kiss me once again, gently, possessively. “Stand up My whore.”

It takes me a moment to get back into my body enough to obey and my legs are a little shaky, but Your hand on my arm steadies me.

“Tonight You may be asked who you are, what Your name is. Your only answer to these questions is that you are Sir's whore. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir. i am Your whore, Sir's whore.”

Once again i feel Your hands roaming over my body, touching me, claiming me. i feel like You are somehow marking me and then i feel it; supple leather circling my neck. You are placing a collar on me. There is tugging as the collar is buckled into place and then i feel a weight attached to it. You are locking the collar in place. It is rare enough that You place a collar on me for our play but a lock is unheard of.

Everything You have said to me crashes through my brain. Expect the unexpected, stop play safe word only, no name, only that i belong to You. i take deep breaths, trying to get my bearings and ground my energy. You start breathing with me, slowing my pace, helping me to regain my equilibrium. Soon i am calm, breathing deeply and slowly.

You back me up to a wall and order me to spread my legs. i wonder what is happening but do not have long to wait. Soon i can feel You at my feet, placing cuffs on my ankles. i know that whatever may happen tonight, i may very well get completely bound. Once the cuffs are in place i feel You move away from me.

“Are you ready My whore?”

i take one more deep cleansing breath, “Yes Sir, to please You.”

Your hand takes mine and pulls me in close, once again Your voice in my ear. “Good girl.” Then You leading me through the space around obstacles it seems, and into another room where it feels, it sounds almost cavernous, but i can hear and sense people. No one touches me and You are deft at Your leading me as i touch nothing except Your hand and my bare feet on the floor.

You lead me to an apparatus and help me into position. It feels like a spanking bench of some sort. You attach my wrist and ankle cuffs to various points on the bench then i feel Your hands running over my body once again.

i hear murmurings around me, indistinct words being spoken. i hear what seems to be the clinking of silverware and glassware. Is there a party going on? Suddenly i hear a loud voice, it sounds projected like with a sound system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, guests, I’m certain that you have all enjoyed the festivities thus far. The fare has been quite splendid this evening but we still have a very special treat. Our dessert and final entertainment of the evening has been brought in for everyone’s pleasure. Remember the rules and all final decisions belong to the owner. Please take turns and enjoy.”

my heart skips a beat and i can feel my hands grow clammy at my sudden nervousness, but then i feel Your hand on my neck, the nails of Your other hand gliding down my back and then Your hand lands with a hard slap on my ass. i breathe deep and immediately feel calm.

i heard a round of laughter with the slap on my ass and then i feel someone standing beside me and a latex covered hand running over my skin. The touch is foreign, unknown. The touch goes from hard to soft to hard again as though checking the resiliency of my flesh. Suddenly i feel one hand in the small of my back and the other hand lands over and over on my buttocks, raining blows on one cheek and then the other. Just as i am about to reach my limit of these hard hits, they stop and the hand starts slowly rubbing the abused the flesh. The sensation makes me squirm with the pleasure of it all. i feel Your presence next to me like an anchor keeping me focused and centered. i take the sensations in and feed the energy to You. It is what i always do with the energy. i don’t know any other way to deal with it.

The spanking continues one for a bit more, then someone else moves forward to take its place. There is no longer any gender involved. i have no idea who is going to do what to me and it no longer matters. The next person brings a flogger and the blows land mercilessly on my back, ass, and legs. i focus on my breathing and then i feel Your hand on my head and i relax into the sensation, becoming one with the pain. At that moment, i feel the juices from my pussy once again start to escape my intimate folds. The flogging ends, only to be replaced with lube and a butt-plug. The insistent entry to my nether region brings a moan to my lips as my hips start to buck against the lovely invasion. The person inserting it plays with it for a bit, pulling and pushing on it, fucking my ass with it.

This person is replaced by someone else with a cane. The caning is exquisite and brings purring and moans from my lips. i hear loud whispers about my reaction to the caning. The blows started soft and built in intensity until i screamed with the final blows; one on each ass cheek. They burned and i am certain i will have marks from them.

The caning is replaced with a paddle. The cool wood glides across my hot flesh, introducing itself like a new lover. i squirm against the coolness with how deliciously wonderful it feels, cooling me off, yet raising my hunger for more. Suddenly the blows start landing, ass cheeks, thighs, calves, feet and back up again. Back and forth, light taps followed by hard slaps. The rhythm varies and i cannot wrap my head around it. i can tell i’m starting to get lost. i can’t find my anchor and i’m close to screaming and losing control, almost ready to say my safe word when it stops and i feel You close to me, touching my head, giving me the control i need to go deeper.

Someone starts playing with the butt-plug again. i don’t know if it’s a new person or the person who was playing with it before. They play me and it like an instrument though. It takes mere moments before i am humping the bench, the air, trying to get good deep thrusts with it and suddenly the butt-plug is gone. i whimper with the loss but not for very long. Something infinitely harder is placed against my nether opening and slowly slid into place. i recognize the ass hook and groan with the sheer beauty of how it feels in my ass. The person inserting it plays with it a bit, fucking me with it and moans escape my lips as i try to rise up to meet it, desperately wanting more.

It’s released but stays embedded in my body. Someone new starts threading what i surmise is rope through the hook tightening it into my body, making me writhe with the erotic feel of it. As soon as they are done tying it up, i can feel that as i squirm i will effectively fuck myself with the ass hook. i look forward to what is to happen next that may give me the incentive to move against the hook in a way that will take me yet deeper into my happy whore space.

The next instrument of torment is strap. This was not what i had bargained for. This is hard to take. It stings and i want to get away from it but i am cemented in place with the ass hook buried deep inside of me. Again, i am almost come undone when i feel Your hand on my shoulder and i breathe through it. The blows let up and are replaced with the whip.

Whoever is wielding the whip is expert. The blows move from subtle brushes to full on cracks. They move back and forth between beautiful caresses that make me want more to burning bites that i want desperately to get away from, but the person is reading me and seeing what i react to and how and easily falls into a rhythm that causes me to melt and go ever deeper into the wonderful dark place of erotic pain. Soon the blows become more insistent until each hit is a burn on my flesh and with the final crack, i scream long and loud.

i feel You lean down next me, Your raspy voice in my ear, “Checking in My whore. Are you all right?”

i try to smile for You but i’m floating and don’t know if it really comes across. “Oh yes Sir.”

You kiss my check and then hold a glass of water to my lips. It’s awkward but doable. i never drink that much water during play anyway. Once hydrated, the next person comes up to have their way and i whimper when i feel the rope on the ass hood released. i’m afraid it will be coming out next and i don’t want to lose the beautiful sensation…and i am not wrong. The next thing to happen; the ass hook is pulled from my body and i cry out at the loss of it.

As the evening progresses each person brings their own implement of torment and delight. There is a pussy paddling, there is a dildo inserted in my pussy and i am fucked mercilessly, there is a riding crop, a whippy cane type thing that just about sends me over the edge (i learn later it is the bee stinger, but wielded by someone who did not know or understand its strength). There is more flogging, there is someone who fucks my mouth, someone who fucks my pussy, there is scratching, and biting and then, there is the finishing whip.

The person who wields tells me i will ask for and count each stroke. There will be 10. You know my fear of this implement. It has been used mercilessly on me, but there is a fine line between effective and useless with it.

i gather my courage, “Please Sir, may i have the first blow?” It lands just about right. There is no burn so i am hopeful that i will be able to get through 10 hits if the person using it knows how to gage the blows. “Please Sir; may i have the second blow?” The second lands on my other ass check at about the same hardness. i breathe deeply, calming myself and ask for the third, then fourth blows, taking a breath after each blow. Each odd number blow gets a little harder. by the time we reach 8, i’m not sure i will be able to take the final two.

i take one more deep breath, “Please Sir, may i have the ninth blow?” i almost tighten up but before the words are completely out of my mouth the blow lands and a few seconds later the burn starts and i scream. Your hand is on my shoulder, urging me to breath. i pant for a bit and then breathe deeply once again. i nod, not knowing if You are watching me or not. “Please Sir, may i…” and the tenth blow lands on my other cheek and once again i scream when the burn hits a few seconds later. i start sobbing and trying to breath. You calm me, getting me to breathe with You. Each breath becoming deeper until i am calm.

Once again You check in with me and i tell you that i am okay. i feel Your lips on my cheek as You whisper in my ear, “you are My good whore.”

i smile at the pleasure and pride i hear in Your voice.

Suddenly it feels like everyone is crowding around us. i can feel the press of bodies, hear them even though only You are touching me and then i feel cold lube on my pussy again, and i think i am going to get fucked again, but no. Cold hard steel enters my pussy and then i hear the hum of the Hitachi. Now comes the pinnacle of the evening for me. i know i will be forced to orgasm.

i hear Your voice in my ear as the Hitachi comes into contact with my pussy, playing around my clit as the PureWand is used mercilessly to find my g-spot and rubs over it again and again. Suddenly the Hitachi finds the sweet spot behind my clit and the PureWand is moved over and over my g-spot. i start screaming and bucking as the orgasms start to rip through my body, my essences gushing from my pussy in waves to match my ecstasy. i lose track of how many orgasms are ripped from me, my throat is raw from the screams of my release.

Soon the relentless torment ends, the Hitachi is turned off, the PureWand is removed from my body and i lay limp and exhausted on the bench. The room is strangely quiet and then i hear a single person start to clap and then more and then suddenly the room is filled with clapping, wolf whistles, and yells of happiness.

You start to release me and someone joins You, making sure i am released quickly and efficiently. You help me to sit up and wrap a warm blanket around me and hold me close while people mingle around, periodically coming by to thank You for sharing. You hold onto me tightly, letting me know You have me, i feebly reach up and stroke Your face, touching You and i always need to do after we play.

“Thank You Sir. You are the most wonderful Sir a whore could ever want.”

You slowly reach up and loosen the ties on the hood and remove it. The lights have been lowered and people are still mingling and talking. i can feel wonderful energy in the room and glancing around i see that there were many stations set up for play and more than one naked submissive is in the room but i see that where the spanking bench was, i was the center attraction. i truly was dessert, for everyone.

“Good energy my whore. Wonderful energy.”

“i am Your whore Sir. i am Sir's whore.” Your lean down and kiss me passionately, possessively.

Later, after we are home and snuggled up in bed together, You tell me it was a raffle for a good cause. Each person paid for one ticket and on that ticket was the name of the implement they were allowed to use and on some of them, how the implement could be used. You had veto power over anyone coming up, but before i arrived saw how people were trading their tickets around and could see how each person who really knew how to wield that toy got what they were best at. You made sure there was nothing on any of the tickets that would cross a hard limit for either of us. You really do take very good care of Your whore Sir.

“Sir, what toy did You get to wield, did You get to play with?”

You kiss me again, “My whore.”

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012

Joyful Pressure ~ Sweet Release

Sweet delicious pain that swells and builds
Pressure growing deep inside
Moaning and groaning with the force of the pleasure
Riding the edge of the sensation
Building, mounting, moving with the friction
Wanting and yearning for the sweet release
Playing it out long and hard
It just feels too good to stop
Tension builds in my head and cunt
Playing with the feeling
Straining against the frenzied tension
Sharp application of a well-placed hand
My head explodes, my pussy let’s go
Your hand is drenched as the blows continue
My juices continue to flow with each sharp staccato
Laughter and joy bubble up out of my mouth
Mirth is shared, the joy is effervescent

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012