Thursday, November 26, 2015


Today is traditionally a day of giving thanks. While I am not necessarily in that particular headspace and have no plans for celebrating this day in any traditional sense, I am definitely in a very introspective place. The recurring themed dreams that have plagued me lately of being Priestess, bringing this aspect of my self back into my life. The thoughts and feelings that continue to swirl around in my head and heart about things esoteric....and how to bring these things together into my life with balance and grace.

I find myself moving from book to book in my occult library, finding snatches and snippets of thoughts and ideas that move me from book to book until all the books are scattered around the room in an almost manic display of what is roaming freely inside my head.

All the while music is playing that causes me to move my arms, my hands, my body until all of the words and the melodies become one inside my soul and are translated, transcended, and escape through the ends of my fingers, out the top of my head, burst from my heart, and travel down into the earth pouring from my feet and lower chakras. All of my chakras feel exposed and open, yet also peaceful and whole..."complete" for lack of a better word...though still striving for more. More connection, more sharing, more giving, more release to all that need the transcended energy that moves through me.

Yet the hermit in me resides calm and watchful. Knowing that even though I need, require, demand peace and alone time, I must also let the Priestess out and she is never to be hidden from whoever needs her, whatever needs her energy.

The time and space, the atoms and molecules that I am comprised of, that touch all things, every thing - swirling in the cosmos of time and energy that never goes away. We are all things. Our thoughts are one. Our energies, while separate, are one.

There is no beginning or end to these thoughts and the energies pouring through me today, driving my fingers to type, to release, to share what needs to come out. Many will not understand what I'm sharing. Many will start reading and discover it is too jumbled to follow and walk away. I want to apologize to those who read and are confused, yet will not because there is some message here that some one may need and if even one person gets something out of this then the writing has served its purpose.

Touch and be touched. Open yourself. Be open to others. Love freely. Say the words. Embody the actions.

All is One. Embrace the connection to what is inside you, what is outside of you, and be who you are meant to be.


© Dawn C. Davis