Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Love You...

Love…what is it? Does it really matter?

I had a conversation with a friend recently who told me about a book she was reading and she said some things that were extremely profound to me.

The word love means so many things. There are so many kinds of love. Life is short and we never know when it will end or when we will part ways with someone that means something to us. Be courageous. Say, “I love you” every time you feel it, to everyone that you’re feeling it toward. Don’t worry about what “type” of love it is, just say it. Say it because you need to say it. Say it because someone needs to hear it. Don’t worry about it freaking out the person you’re saying it to. They need to hear it and you need to share it.

You may only ever have one chance to say it to someone and they need to know you felt that way about them at least once. It doesn’t matter if its friendship love, or romantic love, or spiritual love, or respect love, or any other kind. It’s love. Share it. Celebrate it. Acknowledge it. Revel in it. But most especially SAY IT.

It might prompt a conversation. It might confuse someone…but at some point, they will remember it and know that in that moment you respected them, cared for them, loved them and it may make all the difference in the world when that memory comes back to them.

I love you….

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012
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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Touching in the dark
The deep deep dark where slumber rules
Bodies close, touching, sweet confirmation that we are not alone.

Fitting together, breathing together
Aware of one another in the deepest of sleep
Reaching out and touching one another when we get too far away.

Ass to ass like bookends,
Breast pressed to back with arms enfolding
Face to face with head nestled in the crook of your neck

Wrapped securely in your warm embrace
Holding you, touching you
Missing you now as I sleep all alone

Where is your warm body?
Where is the warm embrace in the middle of the night
That sweet touch that makes me feel safe and grounded in the dark.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012
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There is chaos in my mind.
Thoughts churning, heart yearning for the deepest darkness.
I look at trees and see switches.
I look at a chain link fence and I see myself bound.
I look at horses and see the whip you used to use on me.
The sweetest darkness of the most pleasurable kind.

There is chaos in my mind.
Thoughts rambling, heart wishing for the sweet darkness.
I look at a pasture and see the barbed wire I wanted to be bound with.
I look at blackberries and see thistles burning my pussy.
I look at a lake and see the sharing, the blending of our piss.
The hungry darkness that envelops and consumes.

There is chaos in my mind.
Thoughts boiling, heart craving the connection of darkness.
I look at a car and see the hood where I wanted you to fuck me.
I look at a cane and see the marks you used to leave on my willing body.
I look at steel and see oceans of my essence releasing for your pleasure.
The sublime darkness that feeds our souls.

There is chaos in my mind.
Thoughts agitating, heart thirsting for the taste of darkness.
I look at a field and see the ideas we had for tortuous pain.
I look at a clothespin and see the joyous buildup of painful pleasures.
I look at chain and see the ecstasy and laughter that overwhelmed us.
The beautiful darkness that is yet unexplored.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Sleeping with the light on to keep the shadows of the memories at bay

The shadows pressing in all around; I cover my ears and weep

Weep for the beauty of joy that once was.
Weep for the fragrance of laughter gone.

The light holds the sadness away, the depth of thought a little lighter

The depth of the sadness drowning in sorrow; I cover my eyes and scream

Scream for the loss of the joy that once was
Scream for the hollow feeling consuming

Sleeping with the light on to keep the jumble of hurt thoughts hidden

The jumble of overwhelming pain; I cover my mouth and sob

Sob with the overwhelming loss of what might have been
Sob with the grief that consumes passion

The light hides the sadness in the shadows of the room

The shadow consumes the feral power of loss

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012
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