Saturday, September 13, 2014

Witching Hour

It's 3am...again. Some call it the witching hour, or the devil's hour. I'm almost always awake at this hour. Does that mean I'm a witch? Or in league with the devil? I think I should leave those questions for another time, another story...

I roll over and look at you, sleeping so peacefully. You look young and innocent sleeping, your head on the pillow, your hand tucked under it, the cares of life and the stresses of work erased from your features. A relaxed face, the stubble that you will gripe about in the morning, because it's starting to turn grey. The stubble that I love to feel against my thighs when you take command of my body with your mouth.

Life has been hard lately though. Work for both of us has become stressful, we've gotten lost in the day-to-day mire of jobs, aging parents, caught up in the rat race of letting others dictate our time and energy. Maybe that's what woke me up. The deep thoughts in the middle of the night. I miss our carefree time together. I miss the man who tells me to kneel at his feet and take him in my mouth when he walks in the door. I miss the me that wantonly does so and takes you as deep into my mouth as possible, and then a little bit more just because it pleases you and I love pleasing you.

As I look at you lying in bed, I discover that I miss that most of all...I miss *us*. Where did we go? How did we lose the all important us? Thinking about it in this darkest hour of night, I doesn't matter how we got here. It's getting back that's important.

With that in mind, I slowly pull back the covers and look at your perfection; because to me, you are perfect. Even in your sleep, even with the innocent look on your face, I know better. I know that you are the man who has always been able to command my attention; with a single look, a softly spoken word, a solitary touch...and I melt into your power.

Looking at you now, the light down low so it won't disturb you, but I am about to disturb you in a way that I hope will please you. I need us back I will serve you. You are deep in sleep and I pause, wondering if what I'm about to do will piss you off, or help bring us back to center. Doing nothing will get us nowhere, so what have I got to lose?

I run my hand gently up your thigh, you shift slightly but you're still fast asleep. I cup your balls and your cock in my hand. You're soft and's too early for your usual morning wood. I lean down and lick you, gently taking all of you into my warm moist mouth. You taste so wonderful. I love the feel of you in my mouth all soft, and the fact that I can actually take all of you this way, it makes me moan, it makes me hungry for more. I start to get lost in the feeling of you in my mouth when your hand lands on my head and I hear a sleepy grumble.

"Fuck baby, what....ah shit..."

Your voice gets lost in a gravely moan and your fingers start gripping my hair. You've gotten so hard in my mouth and I can't stop what I've started...even if I wanted to. I'm lost in the feeling of pleasing you. You shift your legs to give me better access and you whisper, "You know what to do, do it."

A shiver rakes through my body because it's "that" voice...the voice I haven't heard in so long, the voice that makes me melt and my insides puddle and start to drip down my thighs. I let my saliva flow freely so that I can do that thing you love so well. My hand is coated now, slippery and my fingers squeeze your balls in the way to your perineum, stroking until you shudder slightly. A single finger finds your tight hole, pushes in slowly; your hips thrust driving your cock deeper into my mouth, a growl escapes your lips. You open slowly to my probing while I release your cock and suck your balls into my mouth, laving them with my tongue, sucking gently.

A second finger joins the first in your ass and I feel your prostate.

"C'mon babygirl, you know what to do."

I melt a little more as I release your balls with a pop, and fall on your cock once more. Two fingers in your tight ass, slowly stroking your prostate, while I take you as deep into my mouth and throat as I can. You stroke my cheek, and then twine your fingers in my hair again, not forcing me, but not letting me up either. Your subtle control, always what drives me over the edge. I growl deep in my throat, vibrating against your cock, your hips thrust your cock deeper into my mouth while each movement rubs my fingers over your sweet spot inside.

I hear your deep groans as your hips continue to buck against me, and then you stiffen and with a growl of warning, you are salty sweet in my mouth. I don't let go, I savor it like the sweetest ambrosia because to me that's exactly what it has always been. My mouth softens on the now sensitive head of your cock, my tongue gently laving your shaft, cleaning every drop.

"Oh, sweet babygirl, I've missed that. I've missed you. Where'd this come from?"

I can't look at him. I'm still a little lost. "I've missed us. We got lost and I need you. I need you to need me."

He gathers me in his arms, "Babygirl...I know life has been hard lately. I need you so much. I'm sorry I haven't shown you that. But you've given me the best reminder. Now I need you to lay back and let me give you some more of what you need."

And that's exactly what he does. His fingers, his tongue, his cock, possess every square inch of me and I know once again that I belong and am cherished.

As we cuddle up together, just about to drift off to sleep, I hear his soft voice as he strokes my head, "And next week, when I come home from work, you'd best be waiting at the door for me wearing nothing but a smile."

I drift off to sleep knowing we're okay.

Both story and image:
© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Heart Flutters

The journey of going
Where will the tortuous enveloping pain take me this time?
How can I serve?
How will you use me?

The edge of knowing
The implements of my pleasure...pain...pleasure
The wonder of letting go
The power of submitting

The power of you
To crawl inside my mind and fuck it like the last thing on earth
The magic of dominance
The power of the dance

The beauty of nature
Inspiring visions of creativity and art; lust and longing
The feel of the thorns
The smell of the rose

Of stimulating conversation
Sharing the essence of who we are, where we want to go, what we want to be
The vision of you, of me, of us
The longing of anticipation...

© Dawn C. Davis (photo and prose)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

That Place Between

Between one thought and the next
You have me wrapped around your finger as you lead me to bed

Between the sheets you touch my body
As you devour my mind with your wicked thoughts

Between the synapses of my scattered feelings
You destroy my preconceived notions of pleasure

Between my thighs there is a place yearning to be filled
As you indulge in the very essence of my being

Between one breath and the next
You have taken me to the brink of destruction, the edge of rapture, that place that is between

Photo and prose © Dawn C. Davis

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Orgasms being ripped from my body
Torn from the very center of my being
Forced upon me, one on top of another
There is no longer a you or a me, there is only the never-ending orgasm
Until I lay drenched and sated
Relaxing into the moment, the afterglow of primal sex
Feeling there is no more within me
Minutes pass and my body convulses with the pleasure tearing through me once again
Even though there is no further stimulation
A smile upon your lips, understanding what you have done
More time passes and another convulsion as yet another orgasm rips through me
A gentle touch of your hand as you quiet me
Moments go by and a ripple spreads through me as I release yet again
Your hand resting on me as you own what you have done to me
Another stretch of time, the clock ticking and another paroxysm engulfs my body
You watch with satisfaction
What feels like hours later and another eruption pours through me in waves of unending pleasure
You hold me as I circle earth’s orbit, knowing you have taken me there.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014
Image © Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Dewy Rose

The soft outer petals gently open to expose the precious flower.
The inner petals releasing the essence of the perfume that draws him in.
A finger gently touching, aiding the flower to open more fully to his demands.
Dipping into the secret folds until the moisture is liberated from the depths.
Stroking in and out, the dewy folds blossom, inviting a deeper possessive taking.
Bending down, his tongue touches the extract, licking the sweet ambrosia.
Penetrating fingers claim the center as tongue devours.
Lips encompass the bud and suckles.
Pressure building inside.
The flower plump and ready to give all.
Quivering petals rescued from the chains of desire.
The elixir of pleasure bursts forth across his waiting lips.
Fingers plunging, in and out, tongue lapping the elixir of delight.
Peace descends on the precious flower, petals relaxed and open, waiting for the piercing claim that starts it all again.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014
Image © Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013

Thursday, January 9, 2014

In The Woods

I got lost in the woods last night.
I followed the sounds of the quiet,
Listening for the vibrations of solitude.

I was found in the woods last night.
Spied upon from afar, behind a tree;
Following my presence in the deep darkness.

I got lost in the woods last night.
I felt the fresh spring moss with my fingers
Trailing along the trunk of a tree.

I was found in the woods last night.
Arm around my middle, hand across my mouth,
Feeling the sharp staccato of my heartbeat.

I got lost in the woods last night.
Adrenaline pumping in my veins;
A hard body pressed against mine.

I was found in the woods last night.
A solid chest against my back melting something deep inside;
A whisper in my ear, "Do you want to play?"

I got lost in the woods last night.
A quiet nod against the hand holding me still;
A deep laugh bubbling from the chest pressed against me.

I was found in the woods last night.
Lips finding mine, hands removing clothes;
Leading me to a tree, rope waiting.

I got lost in the woods last night.
Bindings holding me together,
Knots digging deep into my psyche.

I was found in the woods last night.
Quiet murmurs of encouragement,
Hands caressing me, crawling inside my head.

I got lost in the woods last night.
Adrift in the sea of sensations;
Lashings twitching across my sensitive skin.

I was found in the woods last night.
A hand holding me firmly to the earth;
A voice keeping me close to ground.

I got lost in the woods last night.
Flying through the velvet darkness
Soaring ever closer to the edge of oblivion.

I was found in the woods last night.
Tethered in place by rope and whip;
Marked by cane and hand.

I got lost in the woods last night.
There was no up or down, neither here nor there;
Only beautiful enveloping pain in the depth of night.

I was found in the woods last night.
Released by pain and by pleasure;
Hands and mouth taking me to the edge.

I got lost in the woods last night.
The pressure building and overwhelming;
Screams of passion, pleas for the ultimate release.

I was found in the woods last night.
As the light of dawn crept through the shadows;
Liberation of orgasmic oneness poured through my veins.

I got lost in the woods last night.
Until my soul was discovered
And returned to me whole.

I was found in the woods last night.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014

Poem inspired by a friends photograph. It can be found here.... (membership required, but free)

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Letter S

Shadows of slippery sex.
Shallow slopes of seduction.
Shameful stretches of suction.
Shrewd stations of strangeness.
Shabby sheik of silence.
Shakti of swaying sibilance.
Sheer shout of safety.
Shiny serenades of service.
Shimmy settles slowly.
Shipwrecked souls of satisfaction.
Shiver sessions of satiety.
Shocking sexpot of severity.
Shy sounds of serenity.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014
Image © Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013

Sunday, January 5, 2014


The eyes have it.
The depth of shadow that draws me in.
To dive deep into the well of you.

The eyes have it.
The lightness of laughter that lifts me up.
To climb higher to the summit of you.

The eyes have it.
The knowledge of thoughts that reel me in.
To swim in the understanding of you.

The eyes have it.
The intensity of passion that seeks me out.
To breathe life into my submission to you.

The eyes have it.
The joy of delivering the pain that lulls me.
To bask in the beauty of connection with you.

The eyes have it….

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014
Image © Dawn C. Davis ~ 2014