Monday, March 12, 2012

Missed Beats

Lovers with wonderful rhythms making beautiful music, soaring through bliss
Suddenly out of step, out of tune.

Time and distance adding to the space of emptiness.
Lost and confused, adrift in pain and loneliness without the beat of his heart.

The rhythm and syncopation of our joy off-kilter with missed beats.
Trying, needing to find the rhythm once again.

Longing for the touch of his hand, his warm lips kissing my tears away.
Laying my hand upon his heart, aligning us, our energies into one.

To be held, to share the kiss of yearning that evaporates the expanse between us.
To jump the chasm, crashing into each other’s arms as we find the notes once again,

Falling into the sublime rhythm of our beautiful song.
Joy erupts, comfort consumes, the melody and the rhythm now in tune.

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


swallowed in darkness
lost in fear
strangled by thoughts that invade and consume

lack of sleep
triggers the deep
balance is gone with tears and the moon

wandering mind
without compass setting
refuses the climb from the deepness of grime

crawl on my knees
to the one who can heal
find my way home to that place most sublime

healing with lash
and his hands on my flesh
follow his voice through the darkness of night

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Little Taste

It's just a little taste.
A little taste of pleasure
A little taste of pain.

How does it make you feel?
Does it make you wet?
Does it make you groan for more?

It's just a little taste.
A little taste of heaven.
A little taste of bliss.

It makes me soar.
It makes my nectar flow.
It makes me scream for more.

It's just a little taste.
A little taste of breaking taboos
A little taste of darkness.

Why does the pain touch you so?
Does it touch your secret place?
Does it touch your very core?

It's just a little taste.
A little taste of decadence
A little taste of lust.

It touches my every need and sets me free.
It touches my secret mind.
It touches my inner soul.

It's just a little taste.

© Dawn C. Davis - 2012