Thursday, March 14, 2013

Release the Eagle

Let loose the passions hiding in your soul
My jesses held tight in your hand as you guide me through the darkness

Gloved hands to protect from my fierce talons
You savor the bite of my claws as you inflict the beautiful pain that sets me free

Your hand ruffles the feathers of my breast
Causing me to focus solely on your presence, your ownership of my movements

I am blind to all you do to me but trusting
You to lead me through the valley of my desires and longings, feeding me morsels that fuel my desires

I settle into the rhythm of our journey
Proud and fierce creature you have captured, I yield to you, trained to your hand alone

You remove my hood so that I can fly
Your hands on my flesh take me ever deeper into the sweet bliss of oblivion

As I ride the thermals of building cravings
You soar with me, guiding the direction of my flight, taking me where only we can go

I am lost in the sensations you take me through
Knowing I am cherished for giving you control over a fierce and amazing creature

You lead me ever higher toward ecstasy
Until you choose to call me back to earth where I land gently in your cradling arms

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Image ~ Source unknown

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Swimming in the Dark

We go swimming in the shadows of our thoughts
Diving deep into the limpid pools of longing
Searching out the urges of taboo where our souls reside

Your fingertips glide over my flesh in bare whispers
Raising the gooseflesh of passion on tortured skin
You read me like the finest erotic novel in braille

One hand on my throat holding me still
The fingers of the other buried in my center
Releasing the essence of my need as you bite at my breast

You enter me slowly stoking the fires of need
Taking what is yours in the moment of our melding
Stroking to the depths of my soul claiming my secrets

The thoughts of our minds mingle in dark places
Feeding the passion of our bodies until light overwhelms us
And ecstasy completes us in the screams of fulfillment

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Image ~ Source unknown

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Raining Today

It's raining today
Like the tears falling from my eyes
It washes away the feelings of loss

A soft gentle rain
Watering the earth so that new growth will come
Cleansing away the debris of what might have been

A dark but embracing sky
Where water falls, enveloping me in its arms
Letting me know that I am never alone

There is life all around me
I am one with the earth, the sky, the elements
The sun, the moon, the gentle breeze

It talks to me
Healing the hurt of my soul
Letting me know that I am part of something bigger

It’s raining today
A beautiful rain that brings new life
A wondrous thing washing away my tears

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013
Image ~ Source unknown

Friday, March 1, 2013

Heart Journey

Heart cast adrift
Wandering, wondering
What is to be
Where will it lead

Will there be joy and beauty
And shared reverie
Will there be soulful connection
In the delicacy of painful release

The heart is a flower
Needing light and love
Nurture with sustenance
Hope and devotion

Wrapped in cocoon
Of my own gentle making
Retreat to the safe place of comfort
Guarded hope for desired awakening

Stretch forth from enveloping safety
Wings spread to dry in blossom of color
Longing paints patterns of bruises
Whispers of desire are a rosy flush

Captured in the net of heavens promise
Spread out and pinned like the rarest specimen
Craving the touch of his hand
Devotion to the beauty she willingly gives

Cling to the dream of rapture unleashed
Kneel at the feet of Elysian ecstasy
Offering all that i have
Waiting and wondering

Where will my heart land

Story and image:
© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013