Sunday, March 22, 2015

Art in Therapy

So, last weekend I got to do a photoshoot. An amazing photoshoot. A powerful photoshoot.

“Where are the pictures?” you ask. Well, that’s just it. There will likely be very fewif any photos posted. They are sexy. Beautiful. Endearing. Touching. Fabulous. Important. Compelling. Potent.

I could go on for days like this, and likely you all will never see any of them. But they are there. They touch me every time I open Lightroom to work on processing them. They are some of the most important work I have ever done in my life…and I hope to get the chance to do something similar again….even if it means not being able to share them.

I got to be a fly on a wall, share energy and space with two amazing women; one of whom is working to overcome much in her life and how she sees herself. This was therapy in kink and I got to document it, so for me it has become Art in Therapy.

I am so incredibly humbled that I was asked to do this. Not just as a photographer, but as a human being. I walked into it nervous. Hoping beyond hope that I could see and document what was needed for the healing work to continue. I walked away from the shoot with a contact high that I was not expecting. I walked into the shoot not in my own best headspace, and was nervous because I knew it was going to be emotional. I wasn’t nervous for me, I was nervous for her and that my energy would bleed over into what they were trying to accomplish, but I was resolved to put aside my own internal dialogue and be there for her. What happened was inspiring. Being there, capturing that healing…it healed something in me that I didn’t even know needed healing.

I got to photograph nervousness, laughter, tears, compassion, connection, power, strength, beauty, sexiness, and so so much more.

There can be great healing in this thing that we do. There can be great healing in allowing ourselves to move outside of our comfort zones. I am blown away time and again when people who have been in front of my lens want to be in front of it again…and tell me they feel powerful and special with what is created there. That they feel like they are contributing to art, and not some random cunt or cock shot.

We are sacred. Each and every one of us. Every part of us. There is no shame in the divine beauty that resides in us. Nor is there shame in the beauty of the bodies we have been given to house our divinity.

Hmmm, maybe I should keep my name after all. :-)

The Sacred Whore

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2015

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