Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Awakening

Long dormant, peaceful slumbering creature
Rolling in the depths
Dreaming of being awakened once again

What will it take to rouse her
The primal urges that she craves rarely fulfilled
She rests in slumber waiting, watching, yearning

Awakening thoughts and feelings
New energies circle slowly
Feeding the electrical conduit in carefully measured steps

Connection through energy
Through thought
With only another primal creature

Must touch mind, body, and spirit
Must connect on a visceral level
To love the dark places where only light lives

The creature moves restlessly in the depths
Sensing a soul similar to hers
Feeling the presence of primal energy

She shifts in her slumber
Slowly coming out of her deep hibernation
Stretching out her senses toward the other

Stirrings, the slowly swirling stimulus
She reaches forth and starts the slow process of connection
Where will it go, what will occur, will the cravings be fed

To explore and be explored
Mind to mind
Crawling inside the grey matter where danger resides

To take in and let loose
Spirit to spirit
Where divinity resides with deity and souls weep

To touch and be touched
Flesh to flesh
Where transcendence takes place with beauty and pain

Slowly awakening the creature rises to the surface of her deep place
The hiding place where none can touch her
Unless they know the path of painful pleasure and how to touch her mind

Patient, languorous, careful
Hungry, yearning,
The duality of need and caution

Release the fear
Embrace the exploration
Travel the path where most fear to tread

She is restless
She is ravenous
She is connected to the soul of the Universe
She takes it in
She transcends
She releases
Most importantly….She wakes

© Dawn C. Davis ~ 2015
Image © Dawn C. Davis ~ 2013

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